Building Permit

Application Process

Complete the Building Permit Application (PDF), sign, and return the application. All information that applies to your project must be completed, this includes contractor information.

Health Department Approval

Applications for buildings with proposed Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS) requires Rio Blanco County Health Department approval and must provide the Health Department with an Onsite Waste Treatment System (OWTS) Application (PDF) before a building permit will be approved. If you have any questions contact Mike Garner at 970-878-9454.

Site Plans

Applicant must submit two sets of plans, Site Plan (PDF), and supporting documents. Contact Building Division for any questions at 970-878-9450.

Approval & Fee Notification

The applicant will be notified of building permit review fee. Review the Building Permit Fee Schedule (PDF).

Plan Review Process

  1. Submissions are reviewed on a first come first served basis, regardless of complexity.
  2. Plans will be distributed to the Building and Planning division for review and approval.
  3. You will be notified by phone if the plans are incomplete and need corrections or more information.
  4. Corrected plans are approved.
  5. Applicant is notified by phone that their Building Permit is ready.
  6. Building Permit will be issued once all required fees have been settled.

Impact Fees

  • For residential and non-residential commercial building projects the fee is based on the size of the building and is calculated per 1,000 sq. ft. (unit) or parts of unit
  • The Impact Fee Schedule (PDF) is an outline of all impact fees and how to determine the impact on all projects.
  • The State Statute allows for an affordable housing exemption of impact fees for new residences valued at $250,000 or less. The level of exemption was calculated using the average mortgage borrowing power of the median household income in Rio Blanco County. New residences valued over $250,000 incur an impact fee.