Family Planning Clinic

The purpose of the Family Planning Clinic is:
  • To assure access to comprehensive women's health services
  • To assure access to early and appropriate prenatal services
  • To improve the reproductive health status of Coloradans by enabling families to achieve their desired fertility
  • All services are confidential.
  • Contraceptive services including birth control pills, emergency oral contraception, intrauterine devices, Depo-Provera, Lunelle, Evra patch and Nuva Ring, diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicidal foam and condoms.
  • HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases testing; treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Information and education upon request for topics of sex education, puberty, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Physical examinations including pap smears.
  • Physical exams including breast and cervical cancer screening.
  • Pregnancy testing and options counseling.
  • Referrals for abnormal pap smear followup.
  • Vaginal and urinary tract infection checks and treatment.
All women of reproductive age who have not chosen a permanent method of fertility control are eligible. Limited services are available for men.

Based on the ability to pay.

Please call for appointments. Some same day services are available.