Departments I - Z

  1. Landfill

    The Landfill accepts all normal municipal solid waste generated by Rio Blanco County residents.

  2. Planning

    The Planning Department receives and processes land use applications and is responsible for the development of the master plan.

  3. Public Health

    Rio Blanco County Nursing Service is the public health agency serving all of Rio Blanco County and surrounding areas.

  4. Public Trustee

    The responsibilities of the Public Trustee is to perform all functions accorded by Colorado State Statutes and to carry out all functions and exercises conferred by deeds of trust.

  5. Road & Bridge

    The mission of the Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge Department is to provide the public with a safe county road system, to maintain the road and bridge infrastructure as budget constraints allow and to abide by all state and federal mandates.

  6. Sales & Use Tax

    The Rio Blanco County Sales and Use Tax Administration is responsible for administrating and monitoring the countywide sales, use, and lodging taxes.

  7. Sheriff's Office

    The Rio Blanco County Sheriffs Office takes pride in assisting the fine people of Rio Blanco County.

  8. Surveyor

    The Rio Blanco County Surveyor maintains, perpetuates, and interprets legal records and public information which control land boundaries, property ownership, and associated interests for the citizens of Rio Blanco County in order to safeguard real property and promote public welfare.

  9. Treasurer

    The mission of the County Treasurer is to collect all revenues on behalf of those public sector entities which use the property tax as a source of revenue.

  10. Veterans Service Office

    The Veterans Service Office provides advisory, referral and processing services to county veterans, widows and dependents pertaining to veterans benefits and rights.

  11. Weed & Pest Control

    The department manages weeds along roadsides and county properties, special management areas, and on private, state, and federal lands.

  12. White River Roundup