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Posted on: August 19, 2019

Moyer Testifies at Air Quality Control Commission Hearing

On Thursday, August 15, Commissioner Gary Moyer testified at the Air Quality Control Commission hearing in Denver.  Moyer attended as part of the Freedom to Drive Coalition, a group of elected officials and local governments, agricultural leaders, independent business owners and citizens supporting consumer choice in buying vehicles.  Moyer testified in opposition of the commission adopting California's Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate.  "We are opposed to this mandate because it's doesn't make sense for our county.  Our vehicle market, like much of Colorado, is vastly different than California's and vastly different than even the market of the I-25 corridor of Colorado. In Rio Blanco County, we make our vehicle purchasing decisions based on the ability of a vehicle to navigate diverse terrain, withstand cold winter temperatures and on the ability of a vehicle to haul/transport equipment, livestock and other goods.  This is all in addition to us simply getting from our homes to the office. We're using and relying on our vehicles for multiple things," stated Moyer.

Unfortunately, almost immediately after the hearing, the commission rubber-stamped the mandate and imposed it on all citizens.

Read the full press release regarding the decision below.

For Immediate Release

August 16, 2019

Contact: Sean Paige at 719-337-0355


Coalition Decries Rubber-Stamping

of California Car Mandates


(Denver, Colorado) -- Today, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission rubber-stamped California’s Zero Vehicle Emissions Mandate and imposed it on all of Colorado’s citizens. This ill-advised decision will cost Coloradans hundreds of millions of dollars, will not put more electric vehicles on the road and it will not reduce emissions, and is completely unnecessary. Coloradans already have the freedom to choose to buy electric vehicles that are available on the market and do not need the government telling them what to buy.    


Freedom to Drive, a Colorado coalition of elected officials and local governments, agricultural leaders, many independent Colorado businesses, and citizens supports consumer choice in buying vehicles and therefore opposes Colorado adopting California’s Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate. Freedom to Drive presented detailed evidence demonstrating that imposing California’s electric car rules on Coloradans is not necessary, will not work, and will impose significant costs on all Coloradans for the benefit of a few. 


Ignoring the evidence, the Commission rapidly rushed to approve this complex rule in violation of the Commission’s own rule, as well as Colorado and Federal law, without taking the necessary time to fully evaluate its impacts. 


This massive new government mandate dictating what cars Coloradans can buy will add $500 to the sticker price of all new vehicles in Colorado (whether electric or not), with a net cost of almost $600 million dollars. It will also impose big increases in the cost of fuel and electricity for all Coloradans. These new massive taxes are on top of those imposed by the Commission’s recently adopted California “low emission vehicle” rules and the reverse wealth transfer through the huge tax credits paid for by Colorado’s working families to subsidize the purchase of electric cars by the more affluent. 


Together, these regulations impose enormous new costs that most Coloradans will never recover, and will have the biggest negative impact on those Coloradans who don’t buy electric cars but still have to pay for them through the thousands of dollars tax credit for each electric car, as well as the increased costs for all vehicles, gas, and electricity that are imposed by the Commission’s adoption of California’s ZEV Mandate.


All these facts were presented to the Commission, which ignored them, as well as the violations of Commission rules, Colorado law and Federal law that occurred during their rush to judgment. The State’s Air Pollution Control Division, which urged the Commission to ignore the facts, even admitted that it did not even try to estimate the cost of this rule to Colorado’s businesses and citizens. 


Joining FTD Executive Director Kelly Sloan in speaking against the rule were STD coalition members Dianna Orf, representing the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado, Brad Erker, with the Colorado Association of Wheat Growers; Tony Gagliardi, representing the National Federation of Independent Business, Denver-area Automobile dealer John Medved and Rio Blanco County Commissioner Gary Moyer. 


One Commissioner listened and dissented: Tom Gonzales, a public health professional from Larimer County. He noted that he struggled with potential “unintended consequences” of imposing California’s Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate in Colorado, including the potential to “alienate” certain communities in Colorado. Commissioner Gonzales also noted that he had concerns with the “regulatory framework” of the California Mandate and how it would be implemented in Colorado, noting that the Commission’s role is typically to set emissions control standards, and not impose market sales requirements.


The rest of the Commission ignored Mr. Gonzales’ wise counsel and instead decided to pass a rule trying to impose their unelected will on the market and telling Coloradans what they should and can buy. Unfortunately, it is all Coloradans who will now pay the big price.

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