Safe Well Water

Analysis of Well Water
Clean water is vital to human existence. Contamination of our drinking water can have serious consequences. Cooperation between individuals and communities, and communities and government, is necessary to achieve clean ground water. In rural areas, each individual homeowner must be responsible for appropriate treatment of home drinking water.

The following analysis, prepared by Colorado State University, Water Resources Research Institute, Drive. Robert Ward, Director, 12/9 and Bill Ekstrom, CSU Extension Agent, of point-of-view treatment systems is offered to help individuals make wise decisions about treating contaminated water sources for use in their homes.

It is most certainly preferable to ensure that waste water is properly treated at the point of discharge. Only through such action is it possible to ensure that available ground water is kept pure for continued human use. Both government and individual users must assume and enforce responsibility for safe and thorough treatment of water.

Until that is accomplished, however, appropriate point-of-use treatment can ensure the ready availability of safe drinking water for rural Colorado families. Qualified testing and appropriate treatment are available. The provision of safe drinking water from a private water source is an individual responsibility. If you don't do it for your family, it won't get done!