Aeration & Thatch Removal

Allow the Grass to Breathe
Thatch removal is usually recommended only for aesthetic reasons. There is usually little value in dethatching a lawn except for the removal of worm mounds and dead grass clippings. Dead grass clippings remaining from last fall will soon decompose and no longer be obvious if the above fertilization recommendations are used. If a thatch build- up of over 1-1/2"occurs, power raking is advisable.

Set the blades to avoid excessive damage to the grass. Aeration is recommended at least twice a year, around April and September. Aeration increases water penetration and aeration, \particularly in lawns with heavy foot traffic or play areas. On heavy clay soil, top-dress the lawn with ½" of sand following aeration. Washed and round sand particles are preferred. This promotes the adsorption and movement of water and air, and relieves compaction problems.