Understanding the RIO BLANCO ALERT Notification System

Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office have changed to a new Rio Blanco alert system, make sure you are signed up to receive messages for public safety awareness. 

If you were signed up in the old system, your information has been transferred to the new system. To access the new system, go to the link provided and click “forget password”, it will prompt you to enter your email or phone number if it was the same for the old system. If you are unsure if your information is already in the system, you can click “forget password” and attempt to create a new password. The system will prompt you to create a new account, if you have not previously registered an account.

Rio Blanco Alert Sign up

No one should automatically assume his or her phone number is included. All businesses should register, as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address within the last year, and who use a cellular phone as their primary home phone.

The Rio Blanco Alert system is a geographical based notification system, which means street addresses are needed to select which phone numbers will receive emergency notification calls in any given situation. The system works fine for cell phones too, but we have to have a street address". People who have recently moved but kept the same listed or unlisted phone number also need to change their address in the database.

Any questions you may call 970-878-9600 or email

Examples of Emergency Notifications
  • Active Shooter
  • Boil Water Advisory
  • Evacuations
  • Fire Advisories
  • Hazardous Material Spills
  • Missing Person
  • Possible Dangerous Individual
  • Shelter Information
  • Viral Outbreak/Health Advisory
Examples of Community Notifications
  • Community Watch Information
  • Conservation Notices
  • Event Cancellation or Reminders (Meetings, events, parades, trick or treating)
  • Fraud or Scam Alerts
  • Ordinance Reminders
  • Planned Water or Electrical Outages