The mission of the County Treasurer is to collect all revenues on behalf of those public sector entities which use the property tax as a source of revenue.


The County Treasurer functions as the County's banker: receiving, investing, and disbursing monies in accordance with applicable state statutes. The Treasurer also handles public tax sales, mobile homes, and related issues. There is more information available at the State of Colorado Treasurer's Office website.

Yearly Due Dates & Deadlines

  • Mid to Late January - Tax notices are mailed to assessed owners
  • February 28 - First Half Payment Due (if using option of half payments)
  • April 30 - Whole Payment Due (if using option of whole payment)
  • June 15 - Second Half Payment Due (if using option of half payments)
  • Early July - Delinquent Notices are sent to assessed owners if taxes are not paid
  • Mid-September - Distraints served on Mobile Homes if taxes are not paid
  • Early October - Personal Property and Mobile Homes advertised if taxes are not paid
  • Mid-October - Real Property advertised if taxes are not paid
  • Mid-November - Tax Sale is held for Mobile Homes and Real Property if taxes are not paid

Property Tax Payments

Failure to a receive a property tax notice does not exempt the taxpayer from timely payment of the taxes due.

Public Notice

As of January 1, 2015 all Colorado newpapers are required to post their legal notices to the Public Notice Colorado website. There is a tremendous amount of information on there for every county and city in Colorado that publishes legal notices. To access this website click this link:

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