Respect Each Other | Right to Choose

Rio Blanco County's stance regarding COVID-19 regulations continues to be Respect Each Other and the Right to Choose

  • We believe that the government's job is to protect our individual rights and we support an individuals' right to choose.
  • We ask residents and visitors to respect individuals' and businesses' right to choose whether to partake in COVID-19 precautions including, but not limited, to face masks and social distancing.
  • Businesses and agencies subject to corportate, federal, or state regulations may also continue following COVID-19 restrictions set by their higher authority. Please show respect to buisnesses that may adhere to these guidelines.
  • Rio Blanco County establishments and agencies that choose to continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines or may be required to do so by their governing or licensing entities are encouraged to post COVID-19 requirements on their doors.
  • We encourage residents and visitors to familiarize themselves with the requirements set by each specific business they wish to visit.

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