Sales Tax License
All businesses located within Rio Blanco County that sell tangible personal property are required to have a County sales tax license and collect the sales tax. In addition to the County tax, the vendor must collect the State's sales tax. Rio Blanco County processes applications and prints licenses upon request. There is no fee for a Rio Blanco County license.

A Rio Blanco County sales tax license gives a business the authority to collect Rio Blanco County sales tax. The issuance of a sales tax license does not constitute a waiver, expressed or implied, of the Rio Blanco County Land Use Code or grant as permission to commence operation of such a business. It is the owner's responsibility to contact the appropriate County departments or taxing jurisdictions to determine the legality of doing business.

It is suggested that the first step of the license process for a new business is to start with the Colorado Department of Revenue and receive the Revenue Registration Account Number or sales tax number. The State's sales tax number is required on Rio Blanco County's sales tax application and no County license will be processed without it. Each location is required to have their own sales tax license. If the business is located within a Town or City's limits, the municipality should be contacted for its licensing requirements.

Change of Address or Ownership
Rio Blanco County licenses do not transfer with the sale of a business. A new application must be submitted with the change of ownership. If a business moves or changes an address, please contact Rio Blanco County at (970) 878-9610. There is no fee for a new license and it will be processed and mailed to the business upon request. Contacting Rio Blanco County Sales Tax Department for an address change only changes the address in the County's sales tax system. It does not change the address for any other County or taxing jurisdiction system. It is the business owner's responsibility to contact other County departments and the Colorado Department of Revenue.