Rio Blanco County Colorado Open Records Request Form

Rio Blanco County CORA Form

  1. Rio Blanco County requires this specific form to be completed for all CORA Requests which covers requests for records for all County Offices and Departments, except for the Sheriff's Office, Department of Human Services, and the Public Health and Environment Department.

    For Sheriff's Office records, please contact the Sherrif's Office at (970) 878-9630 for further instructions.

    For Department of Human Services records, please contact the Department of Human Services at (970) 878-9640 for further instructions.

    For Public Health and Environment records, please contact the Public Health and Environment Department at (970) 878-9520 for further instructions.

    For all other requests, please complete this form.

  2. In making this request, I understand that Rio Blanco County is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy my request. I further understand that the records will be released only in accordance with Colorado Revised Statute Title 24.

  3. FEES: I understand that Rio Blanco County seeks to meet public information requests in the most economical way possible. Any fees charged will be consistent with the provisions of CORA. The nature of the request will dictate any potential fees or costs. Costs for standard photocopies will not exceed the limit set by CORA, (currently $.25 per page) unless actual costs exceed that amount.
    For Departments and Offices covered by this policy, the following is our practice regarding fees beyond photocopies. Specific requests which require a substantial devotion of staff time, for the purposes of researching and retrieving records or supervising the physical inspection of original documents, or required redaction, will be charged at the rate of Thirty-three 58/100 Dollars ($33.58) per hour after the first hour of time has been expended. An estimate will be provided prior to research being started. Research will not begin until the payment is received. Only actual costs will be charged, and if the estimate exceeded the actual expense of filing the request, the excess will be refunded to the requestor.
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