Cost Share Program

Program Information

The cost share program was established to encourage noxious weed management and reduce the financial burden on private landowners.

Rio Blanco County is able to offer a cost share for herbicides for the control of noxious weeds. Cost share funds are available on a first come first serve basis. For private landowners preparing a management plan, a 50% cost share rate is available up to a maximum of $300. For individuals purchasing herbicides without a management plan, a 25% cost share rate will be given, up to a maximum of $250. 2,4-D Amine and Low Vol formulations, non-selective herbicides (Roundup, etc.), surfactants and dyes are excluded from the cost share program, but are available for purchase at low cost

Assistance in developing management plans can be obtained from the County Weed Department 970-878-9670 or CSU Extension 970-878-9490

Noxious Weed Management Plans

Management plans check list:
  • Sketch a map of the weed project. Note: Does not need to be to scale or fancy, simple is usually the best. Trees, crops, roads, property lines, streams and ditches should be labeled. Map must include weed species and location and approximate acreage.
  • List Herbicide name(s), rates and timing for each noxious weed treatment, and other integrated methods that are part of your plan.
Bring your Noxious Weed Management Plan to the Weed office with you when you receive your herbicide order. The cost share program will provide financial assistance for noxious weed species only.

Cost share for herbicides are allowed as long as funds are available and only on a first come first serve basis and must be paid for when you pick up your herbicide. Once you purchase any herbicide from the county you can not return it for reimbursement, credit or exchange. Make sure the product you purchase is the product's you need and want. The County can provide you with a herbicide label so that you can read it and make sure that a certain herbicide product will suite your needs. Herbicides purchased through Rio Blanco County can only be used in Rio Blanco County.

Restricted Use Products

To buy Restricted Use Products (RUP) you must have a current Colorado Department of Agriculture applicators license. Cost share funds are for private agricultural lands only. No government or commercial applicators can utilize cost share funds.

When you purchase herbicides from the County you assume all risk for your applications. Always read the entire herbicide label before purchasing, mixing, applying, disposing or storing any herbicide product. Remember the label is the law.