Demolition Permit


  • Complete the Demolition Permit Application, sign, and return. The first and third page completed and signed.
  • Complete the state Demolition Notification Application (PDF) and mail or submit the application online.
  • Demolition process for mobile homes, residential, garages or any other demolition
  • List location of landfill receiving debris.
  • Supply a restoration or use plan.
  • A signed owner/agent asbestos statement must be included in the application.
  • An asbestos building inspection is required prior to receiving a demolition permit. After the demolition permit has been approved, fees paid, and permit issued. A Building Division Inspector must be requested to inspect the structure prior to commencing demolition.
  • Following an inspection, an approval to demolish may be issued. Note any existing septic systems must be removed or filled in to meet the Rio Blanco County Land Use Resolution requirements. An inspection and approval by the Rio Blanco County Environmental Health Officer may be required.
  • The permit applicant is responsible for ensuring that all required inspections are completed prior to commencing or proceeding with work.

Demolition of Mobile Homes


Please provide the following information to the appropriate departments. 

  • Go to Clerk & Recorder"s office with proof of ownership or title. A Certificate of destruction will need to be filed with the clerk. Tax Authorization will need to be obtain from the Treasurer. 
  • An Asbestos Inspection must be performed by a State Certified Asbestos Inspector and the findings documented in a report.
  • State Demolition Permit must be applied for and received before proceeding.
  • After the State Demolition Permit is received a Rio Blanco County Demolition Permit Application must be applied for and received before proceeding with the demolition.
  • If the Mobile Home exceeds legal dimensions, a Transport Permit needs to be obtained from the state for State Highways and from Rio Blanco County for county roads. The form is available from Road & Bridge/Landfill Office (970)-878-9590.
  • Owner must remove all fluids. Freon must be removed from refrigerators/freezers by a State Certified CFC technician and tagged appropriately. 
  • If Non-Friable Asbestos is present: Rio Blanco County will submit Asbestos inspection to the landfill consultant for an opinion if the material can be accepted and how it needs to be prepared for transport and disposal.  
  • Owner will need to complete the special waste char. for so a special waste number can be assigned. Form is available from, the Road and Bridge/Landfill Office, (970) 878-9590.
  • A completed manifest must accompany each load and submitted to the Road & Bridge/Landfill Office, (970) 878-9590
  • If Friable Asbestos is Present the Rio Blanco County Landfill Cannot Accept it.
  • Call Rio Blanco County Road & Bridge/Landfill with any questions (970) 878-9590

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