Sales Tax

Sales taxes are due on newly purchased vehicles. If purchased from a dealer, a portion or all of the sales taxes due are collected by the dealer. Any unpaid sales taxes are collected by the County Clerk. If purchased from a private party, all sales taxes are collected by the County Clerk. Sales tax is collected on the purchase price of the vehicle at the following rates:
  • 2.9% State Tax
  • 3.6% Countywide Tax
Leased vehicles are not exempt sales tax. If leased within Colorado, the state tax is collected in the lease payments, but the county use tax on the total lease payments is collected at the time of titling.

Motor Vehicle Fees

Many transactions may be completed online at mydmv.colorado.gov.

Registration fees will vary per vehicle. The actual cost of the plates is determined by several factors:
  • Date of purchase
  • Plate type
  • Taxable value or MSRP
  • Vehicle type
  • Weight
  • Year

Temporary Permit Fee

  • Temporary permit $7.08

Title Fees

  • Add/Delete Name $7.20
  • Duplicate Title $8.20
  • New Owner-Title Only $7.20

Lien Filing Fees

  • $13 per page (legal size+)
  • $5 per page (standard size)

Tab Replacement Fee

  • $4.22

Duplicate Registration Fee

  • $4.00