County Extension Advisory Board

MemberAppointedTerm ExpiresRe-AppointedComments
Lenny Klinglesmith2/20221/2023

Kathy Nelson2/20221/2023

Angelo Theos2/20221/2024

Callie Hendrickson2/20221/2024

Alden Vanden Brink2/20221/2025

Sean Dimitz2/20221/2025

For an application to serve on this board, please contact Laura Smith at (970) 878-9570. Applications can be returned to the Rio Blanco County Human Resources Department, Meeker Courthouse, 3rd Floor, PO Box i, Meeker, CO  81641, or emailed to


     The board will meet twice per year

About the Board

The County Extension Advisory Board facilitates the active support and involvement of concerned citizens in assisting Extension personnel in identifying needs, planning, developing, teaching and evaluating education programs for the people of the county.