Emergency Management

In March 2019, Rio Blanco County began the process of updating the county-wide hazard mitigation plan. Rio Blanco County is completing this update as required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to remain eligible for mitigation grant programs. This plan examines county and local vulnerabilities to a range of hazards (i.e. flooding, wildfire, hazardous materials, etc.) and identifies strategies and projects that can be implemented to reduce risk posed by these phenomena. Throughout the planning process, officials and staff from the county, towns, and fire protection districts have provided insights regarding vulnerabilities, completed projects that have increased local resilience, and future opportunities to further reduce risk.
We encourage community members to review the plan, provide comments, and ask any questions they may have during the official comment period. The public review period will end on December 20, 2019. Please submit comments and questions to Ty Gates via email at ty.gates@rbc.us or phone at 970-878-9623.

Click Here to View Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan

Emergency Management works to protect lives and property in Rio Blanco County through effective emergency management practices and procedures. The office coordinates with local response agencies to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from natural or human-caused emergency situations.


Emergency Management leads, manages, and coordinates local-level actions for all-hazards preparedness, natural hazards mitigation, emergency response and disaster recovery in support of the incorporated towns and emergency service providers in Rio Blanco County

Emergency Operations Plan

The Rio Blanco County Emergency Operations Plan is an all-discipline, all-hazards plan that establishes a single, comprehensive framework for the management of domestic incidents. It provides the structure and mechanisms for the coordination of local support as well as coordination with state and federal agencies. The plan is important in the mission or reducing the vulnerability to all natural and human-caused hazards, minimizing the damage, and assisting in the recovery from any type of incident that occurs. View the Rio Blanco County Emergency Operations Base Plan (EOP).

  1. Emergency Notifications
  2. Emergency Contacts
  3. Emergency Preparedness

Public Information & Warning

It is the goal of Rio Blanco County to provide accurate, coordinated, consistent, timely and easy to understand information about an impeding emergency through a variety of information and warning systems to enhance the well-being of the community before, during and after the emergency.

Rio Blanco County employs numerous warning systems, and operates under the theory that no one method is effective at reaching all of our residents and visitors. 100% notification cannot be guaranteed. if people feel at all threatened they should be prepared to take appropriate actions even without the direction of their governmental agencies.

Please see the Sheriff's Office webpage for the Public Information and Warning systems available in Rio Blanco County.

  1. Rio Blanco County Appendices
  2. Emergency Support Functions (ESF) Annexes
Appendices contain definitions, agreements and specific plans for incidents and/or events that are likely to occur in Rio Blanco County, Colorado. These Plans are considered adopted by reference as they are signed by the affected participants. For further information or questions on the appendices please call Ty Gates Emergency Manager at 970-878-9623.